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What To Expect

Reserving & Buying A Puppy

Table of Contents If you are here and reading this now that must mean you’ve narrowed it down and picked out a puppy that you want to bring home. Here is the point in the process of buying a puppy, that you may not be sure on how to continue.  First things first, when you […]
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Pet Transport

Let’s talk about Puppy transportation! So you chose Gold star Pups as the source for your next furry friend, but it’s too far for you to drive to North-Central Ohio to pick up your puppy, so now what? Most likely we have the solution already in place. Who’s Our Trusted Carrier? We work closely with […]
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About Gold Star Pups

Hi there, my name is Jamin Schrock. I along with my beautiful wife own and operate Gold Star Pups LLC. We have been married for 3 years and are enjoying life among the rolling hills of Holmes County, OH. So far we don`t have any children but we are hoping God will bless us with […]
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