More Than A Companion

A puppy is more than just a companion. Puppies become a part of the family and bring lots of joy and love to our lives. Our goal is to make this a reality for more individuals and families. You may want a family pet, personal companion or a service dog. We are here to walk with you through the process and bring your new puppy into your heart and life! Personally, we Jamin and Marnita enjoy traveling and enjoy the outdoors with hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, kayaking and horseback riding being some of the things we enjoy doing. We enjoy our daily walks with our two beautiful puppies, Tootsie: a Havanese mix and Tika: a beautiful Sheepadoodle. Our puppies being a part of our family and daily life we enjoy bringing this joy and love to others.

Someone who recently bought a puppy from Gold Star Pups had the following positive review to say about us

“Marnita who answered the phone was super responsive, gave me all the information that I needed, was patient with answering questions and was sympathetic and understanding when I told her the story about the previous breeder. We made arrangements to meet the breeder day-of (only a couple hours after the call) to meet Ellie. We went on-site where the breeder was and Jamin (who was amazing) was there to meet us and introduce us to the pup. Ellie was healthy, happy, was socialized with children, energetic, smart, bright-eyes, just a perfect pup! I felt comfortable with seeing where she was bred, working with Marnita and Jamin, and seeing her healthy spirit. Gold Star Pups also proactively asked who the previous breeder was to hold them accountable for the negligence of the puppy’s care which I’m forever grateful for.”

Our Goal

We started Gold Star Pups LLC to create a reliable source for families who want to purchase to purchase a puppy. Our goal is to advertise all puppies to the best of our knowledge and be completely honest and transparent. All of the puppies are up to date on shots, vaccinations, de-wormer and have been vet checked by a state certified vet. We specialize in small and large breeds that can go with you and your family anywhere and will make wonderful companions.

Sincerely, The Schrock Family