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Many of our customers have been very satisfied with our services. Customer service is our goal and we aim to make each and every puppy experience a great one. And if you have been one of our customers, we would love to hear your thoughts on the kind of work we do! Please feel free to be honest about what your experience with us has been.

When you share your experience with us on here, it is modern day word of mouth. Your story will be able to be seen by others and will help them to know about the positive puppy buying experience that you had with us.

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Wonderful experience

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Thrilled to have our pup Rudy home with us! Every step of getting him was smooth, organized, and personal. Jamin answered any question I asked quickly and thoughtfully. Cannot say enough great things about our experience, from the first text to the pickup. I would recommend Gold Star Pups over and over. We feel so blessed to have Rudy in our family.

Julie Thompson

What a wonderful puppy

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I have had my puppy (was Sadie and now Lulu) for almost a week now and what a wonderful, lovable and healthy puppy! She is well socialized, playful and happy. Her breeder, John H. and his family had pristine facilities and allowed us to see the mom as well. Also, our contact answered my many questions promptly and even followed up after we received her. After so much research, I know we made the right choice and I would definitely recommend John H. and goldstarpups for anyone who is looking for a new puppy.

Jackie Worrell

I would highly recommend Gold

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I would highly recommend Gold Star Pups! When I came across the Australian Shepherd mix I wanted, I knew I had to have her. Gold star made the process of getting her effortless. I was nervous about the shipping at first, but everything worked out exactly as expected and I’m so happy to have a new long time friend! She’s already so comfortable and adjusting so well! Thanks again!!

Stephanie Hayden


We adopted a French bulldog puppy and are in love with her. She is well-behaved and absolutely adorable. We get compliments wherever we take her! Jamin from Gold Star Pups was so supportive and responsive during the whole process. He still stays in touch to check in on her.

Eileen Cruz

Best puppy ever!!

This was the first time we ever purchased a puppy out of state. The experience was wonderful. From the purchase to the delivery everything was seamless. We are now the proud owners of the cutest happiest bernedoodle! I would definitely recommend using a puppy from gold Star pups!

Janine Iemola

Highly Recommend!

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Jamin and Gold Star pups is absolutely amazing! I adopted Ashley (now Luna) a pomsky and from the second I met her I could tell that she was highly socialized and was raised in a loving environment.

A huge thank you again. God Bless!

Kathryn Toyer

Highly Recommend

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We had a fabulous experience!!! We inquired about a puppy Tuesday night, had a response Wednesday morning & picked up our gorgeous puppy that evening! All of our questions were answered immediately & professionally as well as with love. We couldn’t be happier with our awesome puppy! He’s adorable, happy, healthy, and such a cuddler!! Highly recommend this service!

Stacy Bohan

Great choice

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We pick up our baby Sadie yesterday and she is such a great puppy. And the transition with the agent and breeder was great! He kept in contact and gave quick responses and answers to any questions we had. We are so happy we chose gold star puppies. 🐾😍

Tanya Doing

Awesome Puppies – Terrific Service

Thank you for your amazing service & help with adopting our puppy! He is an amazing addition to our family! If ever I want to adopt another mini Schnauzer, I will come to you!

Constance Cummings


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It’s always scary to buy a puppy when you don’t know where to go, but I HIGHLY recommend Gold Star Pups as they are super friendly, clean, helpful, and take AMAZING care of the pups!! I am so thrilled to have our little Chloe. She is doing so well with potty training because they took such great care of her! She has the greatest, most loving personality and I’m just so happy!!

Geena Richards

Wonderful experience!

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We are absolutely thrilled with the adoption process we experienced to bring Tammy, who we named Layla, to our family. The process was seamless, the transport was perfect, and Layla is the happiest and most well adjusted and friendly puppy ever. We had an excellent experience working with Jamin and adopting our forever friend and companion.

Stacy Marshall

My New Bestie!

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I received Oreo, Yorkchon Pup from Goldstar Pups on 8/12. She came completely healthy and energetic! She’s been nothing but delightful, playful and such a joy to be around.
Goldstar Pups answered all my questions and concerns about being a first time dog owner and reached out after the adoption to see how Oreo was doing.

Thank you Goldstar Pups!



Reply: We`re very happy to hear that you had a positve experience with us! Keep us updated on how Oreo is doing and feel free to send us pictures as well, Thank you!

Latoya Anderson

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

wow what a great place to buy your baby.. i was really impressed with everything, from the professional experience with goldstar pups to picking up my new little one. We are so happy and in love with our baby. You cannot go wrong with this company!!!! Fast and easy. 10 stars all the way..

Vicky Coleman

Best thing ever

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I’ve been looking for a puppy for a long time. I have been scammed trying to purchase a puppy online so I know how shady some people can be. Well when I talked to the owner they were up front with everything. Gave me references, and their background history. They are amazing!! I would highly recommend!!

Danielle Grussenmeyer

Best Experience a Dog Owner Could Dream Of

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The team at Gold Star Pups we’re so helpful in finding the perfect pup! They made the best outcome possible for a difficult situation. Having made plans with a different breeder, I had driven for 8 hours to get to PA when our previous breeder told us that the pups paw we were going to pick up had his paw stepped on the week before and he was still hobbling. The previous breeder didn’t take him to the vet and told us once we were already there. Heartbroken, I thought I was leaving back home without a fur best friend. My boyfriend suggested we look at other breeders in the area, and then I saw Ellie, the Siberian Husky on the Gold Star Pups website and instantly fell in love. Marnita who answered the phone was super responsive, gave me all the information that I needed, was patient with answering questions and was sympathetic and understanding when I told her the story about the previous breeder. We made arrangements to meet the breeder day-of (only a couple hours after the call) to meet Ellie. We went on-site where the breeder was and Jamin (who was amazing) was there to meet us and introduce us to the pup. Ellie was healthy, happy, was socialized with children, energetic, smart, bright-eyes, just a perfect pup! I felt comfortable with seeing where she was bred, working with Marnita and Jamin, and seeing her healthy spirit. Gold Star Pups also proactively asked who the previous breeder was to hold them accountable for the negligence of the puppy’s care which I’m forever grateful for. Being a first time dog owner (as an adult) the whole process of finding a puppy was terrifying so I’m so happy with the experience of choosing a pup I had with Gold Star Pups. I’m considering getting another pup in a couple years and would 100% use them again. Thank you so much Gold Star Pups for helping me find my best fur-I end!

Jasmin Castillo

Best Site to adopt a Dog

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First i wanna say im so very happy with my Puppy Joey Shiba Inu ! Jamin was an awesome contact person and was there for all my questions ! i was really skeptical and hesitant at first with all the Scam and fraud that is taking place by selling Dogs ! but this Company isnt ! i Purchased my Dog ! and i 2 days i got it delivered to me to Florida !! I LOVE HIM !!!!

Edy Hazoury

Highly Recommended 😊

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These guys are awesome and I highly recommend! I’ve been looking for a puppy for over a year and decided to go with an Aussie doodle! While looking for pups, I came across many but was skeptical in being scammed. While I was online searching I came across all Oliver, Who is the most handsome pup I have seen! Well, having a deposit down with another breeder that I wasn’t sure of… my heart was set on Oliver🥰 Knowing that I would lose my deposit on the other pup I didn’t care, I called Jamin up And he answered right away and let me know that Oliver was still available! I quickly put a deposit down on the pup and continued with next steps! Jamin was awesome, I texted the poor guy 1 million times with questions and he answered quickly every single time:) he uses route 62 for ground transportation which I was skeptical about but they were awesome. My puppy arrived Safe and sound vibrant and healthy! He’s the most beautiful puppy in the world in my eyes LOL he arrived healthy, happy, playful, and oh so lovable. His breeders must have raised him with love! I’m so happy with Gold Star Pups and Jamin that I will definitely come back here when I am ready for another pup!! Jamin even contacted me a few months later just to check on Oliver and yes I kept the name that came with him because it fit him perfectly.💜

Georgia Gottlieb

Great Addition to our Home

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We had a great experience purchasing our puppy, Timmy, who we now named Enzo, a Yorkshire terrier. I definitely recommend them for purchasing a puppy. We have had him for 3 weeks now and he is wonderful, loving and full of energy. Texting for communication was nice with my busy schedule, and we met Anna Mae In Sugarcreek to pick up our puppy. He has been checked by the vet since we purchased him, and everything went well & he is a healthy puppy! The process was easy and enjoyable and we are in love with our new addition to our family.


We are in love with

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We are in love with our sheepadoodle, Dallas (previously Alice)! She is a joy — cuddly and loveable! So far she appears healthy and is highly intelligent.

Marnita was wonderful to work with and helpful throughout the process.

Melissa John

5-Star Experience

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  1. We met up with the transport this morning and finally got to meet our new Boston Terrier puppy, Lola. She is the sweetest puppy ever and it is very clear that she has been treated with lots of love in her first 12 weeks. Jamin was an absolute pleasure to work with, and he always took the time to answer us. So very happy with Gold Star Pups. 😀
Kimberly Johnson-Muffley

Wonderful experience

We had a wonderful experience with Goldstarpups. Great communication with any questions we had . We decided to have our new puppy delivered . Everything went very smoothly. We love our new puppy.

Carol T.

Happy and Healthy Puppy!

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We were so excited when our Boston Terrier pup, we’re calling him Judge, arrived last Wednesday! He was delivered to us, in NJ, from Ohio, and he has completed our little family. ❤️

Communication was quick and consistent.

We visited the vet today, and we’re told Judge is a happy and healthy boy.

Thank you!

Samantha Rush

Cutest Puppy, Amazing Service!

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We adopted our mini bernedoodle, Lucky (now Cooper), a couple of weeks ago and had the best experience. The service was amazing, they answered all of my MANY calls and had answers for all of my MANY questions. After getting scammed from another puppy website we were very hesitant to try getting a dog online again but they were so kind and made sure that we had all of the information we needed to feel comfortable getting our new pup. When our pup came, he was the happiest, healthiest little guy! He is already famous in our neighborhood and has made friends with every person or dog he has seen!

Morgan Gray


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Very good response! Totally helped me when I needed to get ahold of the owner to receive the boston terrier! I highly recommend them!! No games! Only Honesty!! Thank you so much!! Me and the Kids LOVE ‘Rocky’.

Irsan memic

Highly Recommend!!

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After searching for a new puppy through rescues for months with no luck, I turned to breeders online. Finding a litter that caught my eye, I texted to see if they were available. I communicated with Jamin who always responded back quickly. I picked the puppy I wanted and sent a deposit. I have to admit I was nervous with not physically seeing the puppy and sending deposit. I did my own research online beforehand and felt comfortable enough to do this. I decided to have the puppy delivered due to COVID-19 from Ohio to NJ. Jamin uses Route 62 Pet Transport.
Let me say, this experience couldn’t have gone any better. Our Boston Terrier Beagle mix Harper (was Rex) is one of the best things to have happened to my family. He’s beautiful, loving, smart, well behaved, healthy, great ball player. As the transporter handed him to my husband, he licked his face and my husband was instantly in love.
I wanted to leave this review for anyone who might be hesitant like I was and know that this is legit. I am extremely happy and would 100% use them again.

Kim Wolfe
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