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Contemplating another puppy thanks to our first one!

Indy the Sheepadoodle

It’s been a few weeks since Bella (now Indy), joined our family, and every day gets better and better! I had to have her shipped to me, and Indy arrived with some puppy food, documentation, and in good spirits! She immediately wanted to play and love on everyone in the family. Our vet said she’s at the top of her health, and she gets compliments everywhere we go on her temperament and look. Indy is such a sweetheart, super smart, with a lot of personality. This is my children’s first experience with dogs and we chose a Sheepadoodle as the best of both worlds. Gold Star Pups deserves every single one of their amazing reviews! They were so helpful with every step of the process. We honestly might get another one!

Ariel Tarawally