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The team at Gold Star Pups we’re so helpful in finding the perfect pup! They made the best outcome possible for a difficult situation. Having made plans with a different breeder, I had driven for 8 hours to get to PA when our previous breeder told us that the pups paw we were going to pick up had his paw stepped on the week before and he was still hobbling. The previous breeder didn’t take him to the vet and told us once we were already there. Heartbroken, I thought I was leaving back home without a fur best friend. My boyfriend suggested we look at other breeders in the area, and then I saw Ellie, the Siberian Husky on the Gold Star Pups website and instantly fell in love. Marnita who answered the phone was super responsive, gave me all the information that I needed, was patient with answering questions and was sympathetic and understanding when I told her the story about the previous breeder. We made arrangements to meet the breeder day-of (only a couple hours after the call) to meet Ellie. We went on-site where the breeder was and Jamin (who was amazing) was there to meet us and introduce us to the pup. Ellie was healthy, happy, was socialized with children, energetic, smart, bright-eyes, just a perfect pup! I felt comfortable with seeing where she was bred, working with Marnita and Jamin, and seeing her healthy spirit. Gold Star Pups also proactively asked who the previous breeder was to hold them accountable for the negligence of the puppy’s care which I’m forever grateful for. Being a first time dog owner (as an adult) the whole process of finding a puppy was terrifying so I’m so happy with the experience of choosing a pup I had with Gold Star Pups. I’m considering getting another pup in a couple years and would 100% use them again. Thank you so much Gold Star Pups for helping me find my best fur-I end!

Best Experience a Dog Owner Could Dream Of