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Thank you for our mini aussie best fur baby ever.

Scout the Mini Australian Shepherd

Contacted the website was given an address to pick up our new puppy. We went to a beautiful farm with goats and other animals and stunning rolling land.
The breeder originally wanted to call him diamond and I can see why. The breeder was friendly and there was only one puppy that was left when we approached. The two Aussies were playing they seemed happy and just playful in the breeder’s care. Our puppy came home and immediately bonded with our neighbor’s children and their dogs. He is the sweetest and kindest dog we have had. He is slightly overly excited with the cats but they usually show him who is boss right away and backs down with a new approach.
He now is 1 year old and was born June 17, 2022. He enjoys swimming, greeting everyone, and cuddles. So smart and picked up on potty training very quickly. He loves kayaking with us and hiking. Great off-leash and listens very well to commands and can herd ducks well. Scout is about 24lbs now. We wanted a smaller dog but, he is good to travel within our truck and RV. Always ready for adventure. This dog is not for someone who does not have the time and effort to put into their high energy and inquisitive nature. You must have hiking and running shoes for this dog and not get to upset about things that may be chewed up during the first couple of months of training.

shelley lynn janz