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Near Perfect!

Oliver the Bernedoodle

We got Oliver (listed as Emerson) a few days before Christmas! We picked him up from a nice family with a beautiful indoor and outdoor home, made for their Bernese mother and her puppies. We wanted him specifically for his unique color. He is exactly what we were told he is, 50% Bernese, 42% Standard Poodle, 8% Miniature Poodle. Our Wisdom Panel raves about his coat and the color in his Traits. He is the kindest, most adorable friend we could’ve asked for!

However, he did have a pretty bad infestation of worms. He was puking up live worms and eating very little through his first days with us. A trip to the vet, some more dewormer, and an antibiotic cleared it up quickly. But it was an initial scare and a not quite ideal way to receive a pet.

In the end, we really couldn’t be happier. He is overall a very happy and healthy dog. And exactly what we wanted. I would recommend Gold Star Pups!

Greg Packech