Reserving a Puppy

Cute Puppy Sitting

Hi friends! So you’ve narrowed it down and picked out a puppy that you want to bring home but you aren’t sure how you go about to start that process….

First of all, our website is set up to receive a deposit of 20% of the price of the puppy. The final balance will need to be paid in cash, either when you pick up your puppy or when you the transporter, Route 62 Pet Transport. The exception is when we don’t have ground transportation available to your area and need to fly the puppy. In that case, we will send you an invoice for the final payment that needs to be paid before we ship the puppy.

On, on the ad of the puppy that you picked out there is a “reserve me” link. If you click on that link it will add the puppy to the Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart

Once there, you will have several options…

  1. Delivery/Local pickup option defaults to transportation, you can select local pickup instead if you want to go to the breeder’s place to pick up your puppy. Just click on the “local pickup” link and it will remove the delivery fee.
  2. You can click on “proceed to reservation” to go to the personal and payment info page.
  1. You can “continue shopping” if you have a second puppy that you fell in love with and you wish to reserve that one as well.

Checkout Details

Now you’re in the “Checkout Details” where you will fill out the personal info and payment forms. You can also change the “ground delivery” option to “local pickup” the same as when you’re in the “shopping basket” part of checkout.

Personal Information

One question we get asked quite a bit is “why do we require your driver’s license number”? Some time back we were running into the problem of people filing claims with their credit card company saying they didn’t authorize the deposit payment they had given us so our web developer suggested we require a valid driver’s license to be entered when making the deposit.

We never share your driver’s license number or personal info with other companies besides the transportation company, Route 62 Pet Transport. We give them the name, address, and phone number of the people that will be receiving the puppy.

Reserve Your Puppy

Once you’ve entered all the info, simply click on “Reserve Your Puppy” and the deposit will be made. You will receive an email confirmation that you made the deposit and also tell you what the cash balance is that is remaining. If for some reason your payment doesn’t go through, check that you filled out all the info on the required fields and that the info is correct. You can always call us at 330.987.3978

Our office hours are from 8 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM – 12 PM on Saturdays. All times are EST.

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