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Hi there, my name is Jamin Schrock. I along with my beautiful wife own and operate Gold Star Pups LLC. We have been married for 3 years and are enjoying life among the rolling hills of Holmes County, OH. So far we don`t have any children but we are hoping God will bless us with some in the future.

So what do we do here at Gold Star Pups?

We are a sales agency representing puppy breeders. There are quite a few Amish breeders in our area that are raising Quality Puppies but in order to uphold the values of their culture, most of them don`t have access to the internet. So we help them out by posting them online and finding new homes for their puppies.

A lot of people ask us “so you`re the broker”? No, a broker would be someone buying and re-selling the puppies. We are simply the sales agency representing the breeder. Similar to what a real estate agency does, if you will.

Where does your puppy come from?

Since our goal is to provide our customers with happy, healthy puppies that have gotten a great start in life, we work only with breeders who follow the state and USDA guidelines for raising puppies.

If a breeder is unwilling to let a customer visit their home to pick up a puppy because they are afraid of what the customer will see, we will not work with them. If they need to hide something, they aren`t the type people we want to be working with.

To me its about more than just the puppies, I want to work with honest, trustworthy people that I would be comfortable getting a puppy from.

Getting your puppy if you are out of state

You can choose to take advantage of the quality transportation service provided by Route 62 Pet Transport or depending on where you`re located, you can come out to pick up your puppy yourself at the breeder`s place. I will write more about our transportation options in a later article so stay tuned.

God Bless, Jamin