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Let’s talk about Puppy transportation! So you chose Gold star Pups as the source for your next furry friend, but it’s too far for you to drive to North-Central Ohio to pick up your puppy, so now what? Most likely we have the solution already in place.

Who’s Our Trusted Carrier?

We work closely with Route 62 Pet Transport to get the puppies to their new homes. Route 62 Pet Transport is a locally owned professional pet transport company that takes puppy care and customer service to the next level! They are the go-to pet transporters when we need a puppy transported.

The puppies ride in style in a customized coach outfitted especially for this purpose. Each puppy has their own individual crate where they stay during the ride to its new home. They are supplied with food and water during the duration of the trip so don`t worry, your puppy will not suffer from lack of food while en route. And of course, their vehicles also have ample heat and air conditioning (depending on the season) to keep your puppy as comfortable as possible.

The Process Of Meeting Your Puppy!

We will place the transportation order with Route 62. At that time you will receive an automated text from them confirming that they received the order to transport your puppy. In that text, it also says that they will be in touch later with more details. 

Once Route 62 has your address, they will find a suitable location based on their puppy delivery route. The puppy delivery routes change on a weekly basis. The location to meet must be a public business with plenty of parking and must have security cameras. Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s right off the highway are the type of places we typically look for. They offer ample parking and always have cameras in the parking lot.

Delivery Route Maps

Route 62 picks up your puppy and takes him/her to the vet for a final physical exam to get the travel papers. Before they start their route they call you to give you the approximate time they will meet you. They then start on their route to your area and you will meet them at the designated spot to receive your puppy. They will stay in touch with you concerning any time changes that may occur because of traffic etc.

At the time of arrival, you will give whatever amount you still owe to the delivery driver that brings you the puppy and you will receive an invoice stating that the puppy is paid in full. We do ask that you pay that final balance in cash. You are then ready to go home to love and care for your new puppy for the rest of its life!