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Highly Recommended!

These guys are awesome and I highly recommend them! I’ve been looking for a puppy for over a year and decided to go with an Aussie doodle! While looking for pups, I came across many but was skeptical about being scammed. While I was online searching I came across all Oliver, Who is the most handsome pup I have seen! Well, having a deposit down with another breeder that I wasn’t sure of… my heart was set on Oliver. Knowing that I would lose my deposit on the other pup I didn’t care, I called Jamin up And he answered right away and let me know that Oliver was still available! I quickly put a deposit down on the pup and continued with the next steps! Jamin was awesome, I texted the poor guy 1 million times with questions and he answered quickly every single time:) he uses route 62 for ground transportation which I was skeptical about but they were awesome. My puppy arrived Safe and sound vibrant and healthy! He’s the most beautiful puppy in the world in my eyes LOL he arrived healthy, happy, playful, and oh so lovable. His breeders must have raised him with love! I’m so happy with Gold Star Pups and Jamin that I will definitely come back here when I am ready for another pup!! Jamin even contacted me a few months later just to check on Oliver and yes I kept the name that came with him because it fit him perfectly.

Highly Recommended

Georgia Gottlieb