Highly Recommend!!

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After searching for a new puppy through rescues for months with no luck, I turned to breeders online. Finding a litter that caught my eye, I texted to see if they were available. I communicated with Jamin who always responded back quickly. I picked the puppy I wanted and sent a deposit. I have to admit I was nervous with not physically seeing the puppy and sending deposit. I did my own research online beforehand and felt comfortable enough to do this. I decided to have the puppy delivered due to COVID-19 from Ohio to NJ. Jamin uses Route 62 Pet Transport.
Let me say, this experience couldn’t have gone any better. Our Boston Terrier Beagle mix Harper (was Rex) is one of the best things to have happened to my family. He’s beautiful, loving, smart, well behaved, healthy, great ball player. As the transporter handed him to my husband, he licked his face and my husband was instantly in love.
I wanted to leave this review for anyone who might be hesitant like I was and know that this is legit. I am extremely happy and would 100% use them again.

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  1. Gold Star says:

    We`re so happy to hear that Harper is doing well and is enjoying life in his new home! Thank you for the kind words! We do our best to provide a Pleasant puppy buying experience and yes, Route 62 Pet Transport does a wonderful job of getting the puppies to their new home safe and sound! May you have many Long, Happy Years with Harper and that he can bring lots of joy and happiness to your home!

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