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We got our Corgi puppy boy on 4-17-21, which was born on 2-13-21, yeah, one day before the Valentine's day! The photo is a recent one, look at those muscles! The breeder was nice, she gave us a bag of dog food the puppy was eating, as well as a leash and collar! The communication with the Gold Star Pups was easy too. We are considering to get another Corgi puppy girl later this year or next year as a company with the boy, and Gold Star Pups is definitely the first choice!
We are also looking for siblings of our boy, if you got your corgi puppy from Millersburgh, Ohio 44654, and the puppy was born on the same date, please contact me at leonalau2008@gmail.com. We would like a reunion sometime if we live close by.

Corgi puppy looking for his siblings