2 for 2 Perfect Puppies

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I was lonely and scrolling through puppies online. A few clicks led me to Gold Star pups. When I saw Roscoe (now Ben)’s face, I knew I couldn’t live without him. I immediately grabbed my wallet to reserve him and drove 4.5 hours to pick him up that weekend. He is the most adorable, healthy, happy, smart and loving puppy I’ve ever known. Until, my mom went to their website and fell in love with Sammie from the Pomeranian litter. He is just as adorable, healthy, happy, smart and loving! They both also knew how to fetch on day one. Thank you so much Gold Star Pups for bringing these beautiful boys to our lives! They have both made my mom and I so happy! 10/10 recommend!

2 for 2 Perfect Puppies

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