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Hello Jamin. We decided to write a review for you to use on your website - please forward it to Chris the breeder as well for us. We decided to go with Gold Star Pups after searching for a Cavalier King Charles Puppy and found Suki Sophia on their website. They arranged for us to pickup the puppy with the breeder in Ohio. After reading many negative reviews on line about breeders on Ohio, we really didn’t know what to expect. After a 5 hour drive from NY we arrived and were welcomed by Chris and his family and Suki. Prior to arriving we put in a last minute request to meet the Mum and Dad dogs as we wanted to get an idea of how Suki turn out. Both the parents were there to greet us too, both were very clean & healthy, with shiny well groomed coats and wagging tails when they met us. They were clearly well used to being around people and both had a great disposition. As we drove thru their farm it was evident that they had invested a lot of time and money in their facility.

After spending time with Suki’s parents and Suki we reviewed all the paperwork that included a full veterinary report along with all the upto date jabs and worming medication administered to our puppy in its first 12 weeks. Chris provided us with a Starter bag at no extra charge that included wet and dry food, a vitamin supplement syringe and a puppy blanket with the mothers scent on. We had a 2 hour drive to the dog friendly hotel in Cleveland, Suki slept the whole way. On arrival at the hotel she woke up and wagged her tail at everyone she met, clearly used to being around people for sure. GoldStarPups and Chris the breeder exceeded our expectations. Thank you!