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Silver Labrador Retriever

PLEASE NOTE: We don't have any Silver Labrador Retriever puppies available right now but you are welcome to like our Facebook page or join our waiting list to be notified by email or text as soon as we have a new litter.
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The Silver Labrador Retriever has a beautiful grey, blue and silver-colored coat and is very smart and trainable, and it thrives on pleasing and serving its master. Not only will the puppy be one of the most obedient of pups (obviously you need to be consistent with its training), you will find the pup at your feet and ready to lend a helping paw whenever it can!  If you are wanting a true companion, then the Silver Labrador Retriever would be a great choice. We’re your best Silver Labrador Retriever breeder and have some beautiful Silver Labrador Retriever puppies waiting for you.

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