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Portuguese Water Dog

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Best puppy ever

I was reserved about purchasing puppy from out of state . Gold star puppies are legit . Our Frenchton is very socialized and great addition to our other two Boston terriers . She is very healthy and transporting was not

Bart Beltran
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The Portuguese Water Dog is a robust dog of medium build, slightly longer than they are tall. They are often strong and well-muscled. They have a profuse single coat, either wavy or curly. Two styles of grooming clips may be seen on this breed: the lion clip, in which the muzzle and middle part, up to the tail tip, are clipped, and secondly the retriever clip, in which the entire coat is scissored to about 1 inch in length, with tail tip left at full length. The Portuguese Water Dog’s expression is often steady, penetrating, and attentive, reflecting their spirited disposition.

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