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I was recently scammed and

I was recently scammed and lost money and hope for a new puppy. However, GoldStar Pups helped me find Hope. I am so happy I decided to get Rufus(now, Boki) through GoldStar Pups. They are incredibly trustworthy. So far Rufus

Bo Kim
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Looking for a large dog with an even bigger heart? The Newfypoo just might be the dog for you! This gentle giant will amaze you with its combination of intelligence, playfulness, and kind heart. The Newfypoo is a large designer dog suitable for families that live in a house with a large backyard. These dogs don’t do well in cramped areas, they need plenty of space to burn off all of their energy. Since these are friendly and outgoing dogs, they usually manage to get along with everybody. They usually can adapt to various families and lifestyles, from active singles to families with kids. The Newfypoo will be happy and content so long as he gets all of the love and attention that he deserves.

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